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Cadgwith village

Cadgwith is a working fishing village with two coves separated in the middle by a bit of land that stretches out to sea called The Todden. It is a bit of a time warp which hasn't changed in 100 years - fisherman still winch up their boats and bring in the catch.

The bathing cove is rocky with a few sandy patches for younger members but has plenty of rock pools and places to sit comfortably. Both coves are safe to swim but the fishing cove does have the boats winched up on the beach unless the fishermen are out fishing. The main source of catch being crab, it is always a great source of interest when the fisherman return for the day to see what they have caught. There are two benches where you can sit and while the day away both referred to as "The Stick", one outside The Winchhouse and one outside "Old Cellars". You will often find the fishermen and locals sitting on them watching the world go by. 

There is a small craft shop above the cafe called "The Crow's Nest" up a step ladder that houses a number of arts and crafts and local artist's wares. Opposite you will find a small gift shop that has some very basic essentials and Ice creams and soft drinks.